NoRedirect 1.2.4 Toolpress Strict Edition (Firefox Add-On)

noredirect-1.2.4-fx+sm+toolpress-strict-edition.xpi is a modification of the NoRedirect 1.2.4 (Firefox Add-On) by Kai Liu.

The original plugin made a comparison prior a redirect and let pass some redirects if it assumed that the redirected URL is the same (or pretty similar) to the requrested URL.

The modified plugin has removed that similarity test to be completely strict and interfere with every redirect. This is helpful for error searching purposes.


Licensed under the same license(s) as the original plugin. Sourcecode is inside the .xpi file. This is a very small change only (two or three lines of code, if not even only commenting them). The rest of the Add-Ons code is left unchanged so this might conflict with an already installed, unmodified version.


Per this link: noredirect-1.2.4-fx+sm+toolpress-strict-edition.xpi

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